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Phoenix Mars Lander footpad in 3D: Take 2

May 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Phoenix Mars lander footpad in 3D (better version)

This is much better.  Credit goes to this page for the PaintShopPro-specific how-to.

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NASA Phoenix Mars Lander in 3D

May 26, 2008 Leave a comment
phx_sol000_001 Phoenix Mars lander footpad in 3D (better version)

This won’t be as compelling as those beautiful pseudo-color panoramas that the fine folks at JPL and the University of Arizona will be putting together in the next couple days.  Nevertheless, this 3D image I’ve put together gives you a sense of standing in the northern polar region of Mars and looking down at your feet.  Click on the image to get the full-size version from Flickr.

The picture is composed from images (1,2) captured by both cameras of the Surface Stereo Imager on Sol 0.  I used Paint Shop Pro to merge the images and an old pair of cardboard red-and-blue 3D glasses to test the results.

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